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  Rahinnane Castle, in the parish of Ventry, was the residence of the Knight of Kerry, who belonged to the Geraldine family. The castle was built on the site of an old ringfort. The ringfort was built up and a second added with walls of 6 metres (20 feet), giving the appearance that there may have been a moat, although there never was one. Rahinnane Castle still has its very tiny, narrow, stone stairs, from the first to second floors, which can be (carefully!) climbed.

Gallarus Castle was occupied by a branch of the Geraldines who were kinsfolk to the knights of Kerry. Of the three castles, Gallarus is in the best condition and retains its vaulted roof. 


Minard Castle is situated on a piece of land stretching out into the sea in the parish of Minard, near Lispole. A considerable portion of the castle remains. Walter Hussey, a Norman who settled in Dingle, had a garrison there in 1641.  It is interesting to note that the beach near the castle is a natural storm beach, the boulders being thrown up by the sea during storms.

Ferriter's Castle is located west of Ballyferriter overlooking Ferriter's Cove. This was the birthplace of Piaras Ferriter, one of the four leading Kerry poets in the Irish language.  Only a very small portion of the base of Ferriter's Castle remains.





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