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Foclóir Gaelach
Irish Dictionary

"There is no other way to revive Irish than for a crowd of people to spread it." - Douglas Hyde


On this page, we will make a valiant effort to provide you with useful words and phrases gleaned from our Irish/English Dictionary, "Enough Irish to Get By", and other sources. Also, one of our subscribers is Aideen who is from Ireland and now lives in Cyprus. She has generously agreed to help us with our pronunciations and correct us when we make an error. We have put her comments and pronunciations in green.

The biggest problem for people whose native language is English is that the soft 't' and 'd' are in the Irish language, but not in the English language; it's difficult to 'reproduce' them in writing in English. Where I use 'th' and 'dh' here, they are best achieved by putting your tongue gently behind your front upper teeth."

Lesson 1

Phrase: Thank you
Irish: Go raibh maith agat
Pronunciation: Guh row mah aguth (row as in cow)

Phrase: You're welcome
Irish: Tá fáilte romhat
Pronunciation: Thaw foil-cheh roath

Phrase: Hello
Irish: Dia dhuit
Pronunciation: Djee-ah gwitch

Phrase: What is your name?
Irish: Cad is ainm duit?
Pronunciation: Codh is anam gwitch

Phrase: My name is Judith Flynn
Irish: Judith Flynn is ainm dom
Pronunciation: Judith Flynn is aman dhum

Phrase: How are you?
Irish: Conas tá tú?
Pronunciation: Kunas thaw thoo

Phrase: I am fine
Irish: Tá me go maith
Prounciation: Thaw may guh mah

Phrase: How old are you?
Irish: Cad is aois duit?*
Pronunciation: Codh is eesh gwitch
*Not a colloquially correct expression. Much better to use Cén aois thú? Kayn eesh hoo

Phrase: What time is it?
Irish: Cén t-am é?
Pronunciation: Kayn thom ay

Phrase: It's three o'clock
Irish: Tá sé a tri a chlog
Pronunciation: Thaw shay three a (c)hlug - not 'ch' as in 'chew', the 'c' is almost silent

Phrase: Today is Sunday
Irish: Inniu an* Dé Domhnaigh
Pronunciation: Djay dhough-knee * Omit 'an' - equivalent to saying Today is the Sunday

Word: Monday
Irish: Dé Luain
Pronunciation: Djay loo-in

Word: Tuesday
Irish: Dé Máirt
Pronunciation: Djay moyrch

Word: Wednesday
Irish: Dé Chéadaoin
Pronunciation: Djay Kay-dheen

Word: Thursday
Irish: Dé Déardaoin
Pronunciation: Djay Djayr-dheen
Word: Friday
Irish: Dé hAoine
Pronunciation: Djay-heenah

Word: Saturday
Irish: Dé Sathairn
Pronunciation: Djay Sah-harn

Phrase: Goodnight, see you tomorrow
Irish: Oiche mhaith, feicfidh mé ar ball tú*. Pronunciation: Ee-heh wah,. feck-hee may er boll hoo *This is singular. To make it plural, replace tú with sibh'- shiv.
The problem here is that 'feicfidh' is used only in Connemara Irish (which is what I speak) but in Leinster, Ulster and Munster the word is 'cífidh', which has two different pronunciations. Leinster/Munster - kee-fee; Ulster - chee-fee.

Note: To keep things as simple as possible, we are going to use Aideen's Connemara Irish.

Lesson 2

Phrase: Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening
We don't really use specific phrases for greetings on meeting at any particular part of the day. So, for simplification, best not to split them and just use Hello at any time of the day - quite acceptable and widely used.
Irish: Dia duit (singular)
Pronunciation: djee-ah gwitch
Phrase: Dhia dhibh (plural) Pronunciation: djee-ah yeeve

Phrase: What will you have?
Irish: Céard a bhéas agat?
Pronunciation: kay-rdh a vays aguth

Phrase: I'd like a Guinness (please)
Irish: Piont (leath-phiont) Guinness/Murphy's/Harp led' thoil
Pronunciation: Pionth Guinness/Murphy's/Harp ledh hell
Note: 'bar-speak' is a little more specific and people would tend to ask for "a pint" or "half-pint" without always mentioning the brand (means Guinness unless otherwise specified!), so I'm changing this slightly to suit more usually used idioms. We don't usually use the phrase "I'd like" as such (directly translated) but rather simply, give the item and add a shortish "please"

Phrase: I'd like an Irish Coffee (please)
Irish: Caifé Gaelach led' thoil
Pronunciation: Cah- fay gwael-och ledh hell

Phrase: I'd like a glass of water (please)
Irish: Gloinne uisce led' thoil
Pronunciation: Glinn-eh ish-geh ledh hell

Lesson 3

Phrase: Where is the nearest ________? (list of locations follows)
Irish: Cá bhfuil an _______ is cóngaraí (or is giorra) is a direct translation.
Pronunciation: Caw will on_______ is coan-gar-ee (or is girra)
NOTE: I would use 'I'm looking for a ________ " It's less stilted in Irish and probably easier for a beginner.

Phrase: I am looking for _______
Irish: Táim ag lorg _______
Pronunciation: Thaw-im a' lurg ___ (The 'g' is usually silent here)

Men's Room
Irish: Seomra na bhfear
Pronunciation: Shome-reh na varr

Ladies' Room
Irish: Seomra na mban
Pronunciation: Shome-reh na mon (as in 'gone')

Irish: Oispidéil
Pronunciation: Us -pi-djayl

Police Station
Irish: Stáisiún na nGárdaí
Pronunciation: Sthaw-shoon nah ngaw -dhee

Post Office
Irish: Ofig an phoist
Pronunciation: If-ig an fwisht

Irish: Poiticéir
Pronunciation: Puth-i-kayr

Grocery Store
Irish: Siopa gróiséar
Pronunciation: Shup-eh gross-ayr

Irish: óstlann
Pronunciation: oasth-lunn

Irish: óstán
Pronunciation: oasth-awn

Hair Salon/barber
Irish: Gruaigeadóir
Pronunciation: Grew-ig-a-dhoor (as in door)

Lessons 4 & 5
In the spirit of St. Valentine's Day, we thought we'd make the phrases and words for this week and next related to love. Again, our thanks to Aideen for the pronunciations. All puns intended, she's a sweetheart!

Word: Love
Irish: Grá
Pronunciation: graw

Phrase: My love/My dear
Irish: A ghrá
Pronunciation: Ah ghraw

Word: Darling
Irish: A stóirín
Pronunciation: Ah sthore-een

Phrase: My sweetheart
Irish: Mo mhuirnín
Pronunciation: Muh voor-neen

Phrase: Kiss me
Irish: Póg mé
Pronunciation: Pogue may

Phrase: Take me, I'm yours
Irish: Tóg mé, tá mé leat
Pronunciation: Thoag may, thaw may lath

Phrase: I love you
Irish: Mo ghrá thú
Pronunciation: Muh hraw hoo (OR Gráim thú Graw-im hoo)

Phrase: You are the love of my heart
Irish: Is tú grá mo chroí
Pronuncation: Iss thoo graw muh chree (not as in 'cheese' - more a soft 'c')

Phrase: I'm in love with you
Irish: Táim i ngrá leat
Pronunciation: Thaw-im ih ngraw lath

Phrase: Hugs and kisses
Irish: Barróga agus póga
Pronunciation: Bahrogue-ah ah-guss pogue-ah

Connemara pickup line: I prefer you to a hundred milk cows!
Irish: B'fhearr liom thú nó céad bó bainne!
Pronunciation: Barr lum hoo no kaydh boh bahn-nyah

Phrase: Happy St Valentine's Day
Irish: Lá Naomh Vailintín Shona Dhuit
Pronunciation: Law neev val-in-theen hunna gwitch

Lesson #6
Sending a card for a birthday or other occasion? These phrases will come in handy. According to Aideen, they are generally written rather than spoken; apparently Irish speakers are not this formal in everyday conversation. So use these when you want to write a special greeting.

Phrase: Happy Birthday
Irish: Lá Breithe Shona
Pronunciation: Law breh-heh huna

Phrase: Happy Anniversary
Irish: Comhgáirdeas bhur gceiliúradh
Pronuniation: koh-gawr-jeas wur gel-oor-ah*
* This is not specifically 'anniversary' but 'celebration' and could be used for many such occasions. In the singular it would be:
do cheiliúradh, pronounced dhuh chel-oor-ah

Phrase: Happy St. Patrick's Day
Irish:Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig
Pronunciation: Ban-ochth-thee na Fay-leh Paw-drig

Phrase: Good luck and best wishes
Irish: Sláinte agus Saol Agat (Agaibh*)
Pronunciation: Slaw-intche agus seel ah-guth (ah-geev*)
Literally means '(good) health and life to you' *plural

Phrase: Happy Easter
Irish: Beannachtaí na Cásca
Pronunciation: Ban-ochth-thee na caws-ca

Phrase: Merry Christmas
Irish: Nollaig Shona
Pronunciation: Null-ig huna

Phrase: Happy New Year
Irish: Athbhlian faoi mhaise
Pronunciation: Ah-vleen fwee wash-eh

According to Aideen, one of the easiest and nicest catch-all phrases, suitable for any occasion would be:

Irish: Sláinte agus saol agat* - Health (good implied) and life (long implied) to you
Prounciation: Slaw-in-che ah-gus seel ah-guth
*agaibh (plural) ah-giv

but with one 'amendment' - in the case of a new baby the blessing would be to the parents for the child and would be:
Irish: Sláinte agus saol ar bhur leanbh nua
Pronunciation: Slaw-in-che ah-gus seel er wur lan-iv noo-ah

Lesson #7 - Toasts for weddings, wakes and everything in-between

Toast: May God not weaken your hand
Irish: Nár laga Dia do lámh
Pronunciation: Nar lah-ga Djee-ah dhu lawv

Toast: May we be alive at this same time again
Irish: Go mbeirimíd beo ar an am seo arís
Pronunciation: Guh mer-i-meedh bee-oh er an am shu areesh

Toast: May you live and may you wear it out
Irish: Go mairir is go gathair
Pronunciation: Guh mah-rir is guh gah-hir

Toast: Health and life to you
The woman of your choice for you
A child every year for you
And may you die in Ireland

Irish: Sláinte agus saol agat
Bean ar do mhian agat
Leanbh gach blian agat
Agus bás n Éireann

Pronunciation: Slaw-in-tche agus seel ah-guth
Ban er dhuh veen ah-guth
Lan-v goch bleen ah-guth
Agus baws in Ay-run

Toast: Health to the men and may the women live forever
Irish: Sláinte na bhfear agus go maire na mna go deo
Pronunciation: Slaw-in-tche na var agus guh mara na m-naw guh djeo

Toast: Health! (Could be to one or to a crowd)
Irish: Sláinte
Pronunciation: Slaw-in-tche


Lesson #8 - Counting one through ten

Of the very few words Bridget learned from her father, she still remembers these:

Word: One
Irish: Aon
Pronuncation: Ay-on

Word: Two
Irish: Dó
Pronunciation: dhoh

Word: Three
Irish: Trí
Pronunciation: three

Word: Four
Irish: Ceathair
Pronunciation: ka-hir

Word: Five
Irish: Cúig
Pronunciation: coo-ig

Word: Six
Pronunciation: shay

Word: Seven
Irish: Seacht
Pronunciation: shoch-edh

Word: Eight
Irish: Ocht
Pronunciation: uchth

Word: Nine
Irish: Naoi
Pronunciation: knee (or in Munster Irish - nay)

Word: Ten
Irish: Deich
Pronunciation: djeh

Note: The use of these words for numbers in actual speech may or may not change grammatically and do when speaking of numbers of people. Some selected examples:

Phrase: I'd like five pints of Guinness
Irish: Ba mhaith liom cúig pionta Guinness
Pronunciation: Bah wy li-um coo-ig pyun-thah Guinness

Phrase: He's No.1
Irish: Is uimhir a haon é
Pronunciation: Is iv-ir a hayn ay

Phrase: There are three (children) in my family
Irish: Tá triúir sa chlann agam
Pronunciation: Thaw throor sa chlann ah-gum

Phrase: I'll be there at eight o'clock
Irish: Beidh mé ann ag a hocht a chlog
Pronunciation: Bay (or 'bye') may on egg ah huchth ah chlug

Lesson #9 - Colours
Our translator and enunciator has requested that we use the Anglo-Irish spelling for the word colours. We think this is a perfectly reasonable request. When in Ireland, right?

Pronunciation: dhah-annah

Word: Red
Irish: Dearg
Pronunciation: jiarg

Word: White
Irish: Bán
Pronunciation: bawn

Word: Pink
Irish: Bán-dearg
Pronunciation: bawn-jiarg

Word: Green
Irish: Glass
Pronunciation: gloss

Word: Black
Irish: Dubh
Pronunction: dhuv

Word: Blue
Irish: Gorm
Pronunciation: gurm

Word: Brown
Irish: Donn
Pronunciation: dhown

Word: Yellow
Irish: Buí
Pronunction: wee

Phrase: The snow is very white
Irish: Tá an sneachta an-bhán
Pronunciation: thaw on shnock-tha on wawn

Phrase: I have a red sweater
Irish: Tá geansaí bán agam
Pronunciation: Thaw gan-see bawn ah-gum

Phrase: Ireland (the country) is so green
Irish: Tá tír na hÉireann chomh ghlass
Pronunciation: Thaw cheer na hay-run khoh ghloss

Phrase: She wore a red dress
Irish: Bhí gúna dearg uirthí
Pronunciation: Vee goo-nah jiarg ir-hee

Phrase: Guinness, the black drink
Irish: Guinness, an deoch dubh
Pronunciation: Guinness, on jee-och dhuv

Phrase: He has brown eyes
Irish: Tá súile donn aige
Pronunciation: thaw soo-leh dhown egg-eh

Phrase: She has nice brown hair
Irish: Tá gruaig deas donn aicí
Pronunciation: thaw groo-ig jias dhown eck-ee

Phrase: He sent me pink flowers
Irish: Chuir sé bláthanna bán-dearg agam
Pronunciation: qhuir shay blaw-annah bawn-jiarg ah-gum

Irish Lesson #10 -Food
We seriously doubt that if you're in an Irish restaurant or pub, you'll need to know the following words and phrases; but, you never know. Again, our thanks to our resident translator who sent us these while entertaining house-guests over the Easter weekend.

Word: food
Irish: bia
Pronunciation: bee-yah

Word: breakfast
Irish: bricfeasta
Pronunciation: brick-fas-thah

Word: lunch
Irish: lón
Pronunciation: loan

Word: dinner
Irish: dinnéir
Pronunciation: din -air

Word: tea
Irish: té
Pronunciation: thay

Word: bread
Irish: arán
Pronunciation: ah-rawn

Word: milk
Irish: bainne
Pronunciation: bahn-yeh

Word: sugar
Irish: siúcre
Pronunciation: shoo-creh

Word: meat
Irish: feoil
Pronunciation: fee-ohl

Word: fish
Irish: iasc
Pronunciation: ee-usk

Word: vegetables
Irish: glasraí
Pronunciation: gloss-ree

Word: soup
Irish: anraith
Pronunciation: ahn-ri

Word: cake
Irish: ciste
Pronunciation: kish-che

Word: sweets/candy
Irish: milseáin
Pronunciation: mill-shaw-een

Phrase: I don't want breakfast
Irish: Níl bricfeasta (ag taisteáil) uaim
Pronunciation: Kneel brick-fas-thah (egg thahs-thoil) wem

Phrase: What time will lunch be? Irish: Cén t-am a mbeidh an lón? Pronunciation: Kayn tham ah my an loan?

Phrase: We are going out for dinner Irish: Táimíd ag dul amach le h-aghaidh an dinnéir Pronunciation: Thaw-meed egg dhull ah-mock leh high an din -air

Lesson #11 - Beverages & Drinks
Just so you know, the Irish refer to anything that isn't alcoholic as a beverage.

Word: Tea
Irish: Té
Pronunciation: tay

Word: Coffee
Irish: Caifé
Pronunciation: cah-fay

Phrase: I'd like a cup of tea
Irish: Ba mhait liom cupán Té
Pronunciation: bah wah ly-um cup-awn tay

Phrase: I'd like a cup of coffee
Irish: Ba mhait liom cupán Caifé
Pronunciation: bah wah ly-um cup-awn cah-fay

Phrase: We'd like a pot of tea
Irish: Ba mhaith linn pota Té
Pronunciation: bah wah linn puh-tha tay

Phrase: We'd like a pot of coffee
Irish: Ba mhaith linn pota Caifé
Pronunciation: bah wah linn puh-tha cah-fay

Word: Milk
Irish: Bainne
Pronunciation: bann-yeh

Word: Lemonade
Irish: liomanáide
Pronunciation: lim-un-aw-idje

Word: Water
Irish: uisce
Pronunciation: ish-geh

Phrase: I'd like a glass of milk
Irish: Ba mhaith liom gloinne bainne
Pronunciation: bah wah ly-um glinne-eh bann-yeh

Phrase: I'd like a glass of lemonade
Irish: Ba mhaith liom gloinne liomainéide
Pronunciation: bah wah ly-um glinne-eh lim-un-ay-dje

Phrase: I'd like a glass of water
Irish: Ba mhaith liom gloinne uisce
Pronunciation: bah wah ly-um glinne-eh ish-geh

Phrase: I'd like a glass of cider
Irish: Ba mhaith liom gloinne siodre
Pronunciation: bah wah ly-um glinne-eh she-dreh

Phrase: I'd like ice with my drink, please*
Irish: Ba mhaith liom oighear san deoch sinn led' thoil
Pronunciation: bah wah ly-um eye-er san djee-uch shin ledh hell
*Literally translated for Irish idiom - I'd like ice in that drink please.

Word: Drinks
Irish: Deochanna
Pronunciation: dee-yuch-ahnnah

Word: Whiskey
Irish: Uisce Beatha
Pronunciatiion: ish-ge bah-hah

Word: Beer
Irish: Beoir
Pronunciation: bee-oh-ir

Word: Wine
Irish: Fíon
Pronunciation: fee-un

Phrase: Red Wine
Irish: Fíon dearg
Pronunciation: fee-un djearg

Phrase: White Wine
Irish: Fíon bán
Pronunciation: fee-un bawn

Phrase: I'd like a glass of beer
Irish: Ba mhaith liom gloinne beoir
Pronunciation: bah wah ly-um glinn-eh bee-oh-ir

Phrase: I'd like a pint of beer
Irish: Ba mhaith liompiontae beoir
Pronunciation: bah wah ly-um pee-yun-thah bee-oh-ir

Phrase: A bottle of red wine please
Irish: buidéal fíon dearg led' thoil
Pronunciation: bwi-jail fee-un djerg ledh hell

Phrase: Please let me get the next round*
Irish: Beidh seo ormsa
Pronunciation: Bye shuh urm-sa
*I've not translated this directly, as it is not usually said in that way. When it's time for the next round, we would say, "I'll get these" and that's what I've translated.

Lesson #12 - Clothing

Word: Clothes
Irish: Éadaí
Pronunciation: ay-dhee

Word: Coat
Irish: cóta
Pronunciation: coh-tha

Word: Sweater
Irish: geansaí
Pronunciation: gan-zee

Word: Skirt
Irish: sciorta Pronunciation: skerr-thah

Word: Shoes:
Irish: brógaí
Pronunciation: broh-geeh

Word: Dress
Irish: gúna
Pronunciation: goo-nah

Word: Pants
Irish: brístí
Pronunciation: breesh-thee

Word: Hat
Irish: hata
Pronunciation: hah-tha

Word: Cap
Irish: caipín
Pronunciation: kop-een

Phrase: What should I wear today?
Irish: Céard ba chóir dom a chaitheamh inniu?
Pronunciation: kay-erdh bah koh-ir dhum ah chah-iv inn-you?

Phrase: Bring a raincoat
Irish: Tóg cóta báistí leat
Pronunciation: thohg coh-tha baw-shtee lee-ath

Phrase: Isn't she wearing a lovely dress?
Irish: Nach aoibeann an gúna sin uirthi?
Pronunciation: Noch eeven an goo-nah shin ir-hee?

Phrase: You should dress warmly
Irish: Ní mór duit éadaí níos troime a chaiteamh
Pronunciation: Knee more dhitch ay-dhee knees thrim-eh ah chah-iv Phrase: I'd like to buy an Aran sweater
Irish: Ba mhaith liom geansaí Áran a cheannach
Pronunciation: Bah whye li-um gan-zee aw-ran a khian-ock

Phrase: Is it necessary to wear a hat for the wedding?
Irish: Ar gá dom hata a chaiteamh ag an mbainis?
Pronunciation: Err gaw dhum hah-tha ah chah-iv egg on mon-ish?

Phrase: These shoes are not comfortable
Irish: Tá na brógaí seo mí-chompóirdeach
Pronunciation: Thaw nah broh-geeh shuh mee-khum-pohr-dhuch

Irish Lesson #13 - Entertainment
Heading out on the town for entertainment, Irish-style? Here are a few Irish words and phrases to add to your vocabulary. We had to grin when our Irish translator gave up on bowling and line-dancing. She says: "Just couldn't find suitable translations for them. I suspect that the English words are just slotted into Irish conversation, like the French "Le Weekend"! May be so.

Word: Theatre
Irish: Amharclann
Pronunciation: our-chlann

Word: Cinema
Irish: Pictúrlann
Pronunciation: pick-thoor-lan

Word: Nightclub
Irish: Club Oíche
Pronunciation: club ee-heh

Word: Pub/Bar
Irish: Óstáin
Pronunciation: oh-sth-law-een

Word: Hotel
Irish: Óstlann
Pronunciation: Oh-sth-lawn

Word: Concert
Irish: ceolchoirm
Pronunciation: kee-ohl-quirm

Word: Play or drama
Irish: dhraw-mah
Pronunciation: dhraw-mah

Word: Film/movie
Irish: scannán
Pronunciation: scan-awn

Word: Dancing
Irish: Rince
Pronunciation: rin-keh

Word: Television
Irish: telefís
Pronunciation: tell-eh-feesh

Word: Traditional Music
Irish: Ceol traidisiúnta
Pronunciation: Kee-ohl thrad-ish-oon-tha

Word: Museum
Irish: iarsmalann
Pronunciation: ears-mah-lan

Word: Art Gallery
Irish: Gailearaí
Pronunciation: Gailearaí

Word: Park
Irish: Parc
Pronunciation: paw-rc

Phrase: There will be good traditional music at the pub tonight
Irish: Beidh ceol traidisiúnta maith ag an óstáin anocht
Pronunciation: bye kee-ohl thrad-ish-oon-tha my egg on oh-sth-law-een ah-nucht

Phrase: What is showing at the cinema now?
Irish: Céard tá ar siúl ag an bpictúrlann faoi láthair?
Pronunciation: Kay-erdh that er shool egg on bip-thoor-lan fwee law-hir

Phrase: I'd like to dance all night Pronunciation: bah wye li-um veh egg rin-keh er fah na hee-heh

Phrase: XXX is giving a big concert at YYY theatre tomorrow Irish: beidh ceolchoirm mór le XXX ag amharclann YYY amárach Pronunciation: bye kee-ohl-quirm more leh XXX egg YYY our-chlann am-awr-och

Irish Lesson #14 - Sports Terms
By no means an all-inclusive list, just enough to have fun with! Next week, we'll have a few phrases incorporating some of the following words.

Word: Sport
Irish: Spoírt
Pronunciation: spoh-irt

Word: Football
Irish: Peil
Pronunciation: Pell

Word: Hurling
Irish: Iománaíocht
Pronunciation: um-awn-ee-uckth

Word: Camogie
Irish: Camógai
Pronunciation: cam-ohg-ee

Word: Golf
Irish: Galf
Pronunciation: golf

Word: Athletics
Irish: Lúthchleas
Pronunciation: Loo-Chlass

Word: Game
Irish Cluiche
Pronunciation: cliff-eh

Word: Competition Irish: Comórtas
Pronunciation: kum-ohr-thas

Word: Prize
Irish: Duais
Pronunciation: Dhoo-ish

Word: Team
Irish: Foireann
Pronunciation: Fwir-ann

Word: Field/pitch
Irish: Páirc
Pronunciation: paw-irc

Word: Ball
Irish: Liathróid
Pronunciation: lee-ah-roh-idj

Word: Basketball
Irish: Cispheil
Pronunciation: Kishfell

Word: Course
Irish: Cúrsa
Pronunciation: koor-sah

Word: Discus Throwing
Irish: Caitheamh na teisce
Pronunciation: kah-iv na theh-ish-keh

Word: Gymnastics
Irish: Gleacaíocht>br> Pronunciation: Glock-ee-achth

Word: Race
Irish: Rás br> Pronunciation: rawss

Word: Horse-racing
Irish: Rásaíocht na gcapall
Pronunciation: rawss-ee-uckth na gop-ull

Word: Volleyball
Irish: Eitpheil
Pronunciation: Etch-fell

Word: Wrestling
Irish Iomarscáil
Pronunciation: um-er-scawl

Irish Lesson #15 - Sports Phrases

Phrase: Galway will be playing at Croke Park on Sunday
Irish: Beidh Gaillimh ag imirt i bPáirc an Chróchaí
Pronunciatiion: Bye gal-yiv egg im-irth ee baw-irc on chrow-chee jay dhoh-knee

Phrase: Have you got a ticket for the game?
Irish: Bhfuil ticéad agat le haghaidh an chluiche?
Ptonunciation: will tick-aydh ah-guth leh high an chliff-eh?

Phrase: I'll have a couple of Euros on that horse
Irish: Beidh cúpla Euro agam ar an gcapall sin
Pronunciation: Bye coop-lah Euro ah-gum er an gap-ull shin Phrase:Come on (Up/Cheer for) Ireland!
Irish: Éireann abú!
Pronunciation: ay-run ah-boo

Phrase: He won the golf competition yesterday
Irish: Bhí an bua aige sa chomórtas galf inné
Pronunciation: vee on boo-ah egg-eh sa khum-ohr-thas golf in-yay

Phrase: I love to play basketball
Irish: Is breá liom páirt a gchleachadh sa chis-pheil
Pronunciation: is braw li-yum par-irtch a ghlock-ah sa khish-fell

Phrase: The team are training hard
Irish: Tá an fhoireann ag tréineáil go dílis
Pronunciation: thaw on ir-unn egg thray-nawl guh jee-lish


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